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  • How to Stop getting hurt with Untrustworthy Men in your Relationship

  • One of our biggest fears is giving our love to someone who betrays our trust. It’s probably already happened to you. It happens to most of us over the course of a lifetime. For some, the lesson is etched in memory. They never fully trust anyone again, not like they did before. They can’t bear the thought of going through that again.

    Whether it was a divorce, a lie, an affair, or a broken promise, the people we love can betray us in a thousand different ways. Some betrayals are like paper cuts, Nepal light that sting badly at the time but heal. Other betrayals cut us in half.

    These are possible worries over your mined, can these relationship, he just want to take advantage over me and let me go, how do i make it work.

    Here are some ideas.

    1. Don’t give him your trust right away .
    Falling in love sweeps you off your feet. When you’re in love, you’re in a different reality. Everything is beautiful; everything is right. But new love is a form of intoxication. Chemicals like dopamine, oxytocin, norepinephrine, and PEA cloud your senses. 

    You can’t see your beloved clearly until the honeymoon period has worn off. Until then, you’ll only see the best in him.

    Nature designed us that way for a reason. Ideally, the intense bond of new lovers keeps them together long enough to raise a child to toddlerhood and ensure the continuation of the species. 

    The honeymoon period can feel like a bucket of cold water dumped on your head, but that bucket of cold water also wakes you up. It’s a shock, but it’s necessary. You’ve got to see the truth about one another eventually.

    2. Don’t trust a man more than he respects you.
    Trust and respect go hand in hand.
    “ Why don’t you trust me? Don’t you love me? You must not love me if you’re not going to trust me on this.” these are there magic words and tongues used on you.

    This argument sounds convincing. Of course, you love him. It makes sense that you should trust someone you love. Okay, then you’ll trust him on this, even though something feels off. 

    No wonder something feels off.

    3. When you do trust, accept the risks.
    Love is a risky proposition. No matter how careful you are, there’s always the chance of things going horribly wrong, no matter how gentle and carefree you are something might hinder the affairs.

    The moment you love someone else, you open yourself up to being hurt. 

    You can’t know what the outcome will be. And that’s not a bad thing. The greatest achievements often require great risks. Failures, wrong turns, and despair litter the road to victory. You can’t escape being hurt if you’re going to open yourself up to love.

    It’s an advantage you can use too. It allows you to understand why men respond the way they do in romantic relationships.

    With that knowledge, you gain more than insight into the future. You’ll actually learn how to pull at a man’s heartstrings in a way he simply can’t resist.

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