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  • To the ladies out there.  Her are some crucial aspects of life you are facing rather you are  in the filed missing your way.  has gone viral research on issues in the environ am seeing things  among young  girls and ladies regarding..  Relationships  crises,  problems,  challenges,  misunderstanding.  Difficult to corporate  with one another,  fighting and quarrel,  exchanging malice words with one another.

    1. Do not play too hard rushing your life  especially when you are still within the age of 22-28 years old so that husbands will not be scarce for you to get when you enter the age of 30 and above. Do not chase them away while you are still in your twenties, or else they will chase you away when you are in your thirties and even late twenties. All is left in your control.

    2. At the same time, do not be too cheap to get any man around you. Do not say "YES" to any man that approaches you for a relationship just like that so easy like ATM  card inserted into the machine. Watch him closely and wisely to know whether he is a play boy or not.

    3. Stay away from married men. Do not date any married man for whatever reason at all be it money,  none property's respect your self so as the world and people  around the world we respect you.

    4. Some married men can lie to you that they are not married. You should carry out thorough investigation first before you date them. When you're  married and someone is making use of your man how we you fill. Good or bad is preaching  along the way?

    5. Do not be carried away by a man's cars, money and gifts. The end of it may be destruction and regrets. His cars and money are not as a important as his personality. His respect for you,  his love,  his caring,  his patience, his understanding,  his feeling the above mention words money can't afford anyone of it.

    6. It is very dangerous to deceive a man, eat his money and run away. Like electric power"Nepal light" If you try it, the repercussion is deadly. You may not see it now, but you will
    surely pay for it in future either directly or indirectly. All the blame shames we rest upon you.

    Therefore, do not date a man you don't truly love; and stop eating his money if you are not interested
    in him let him,  paved away out of his life . Belle bite day ooooo.

    7. Do not rely on a man's money.  The best type of money you can enjoy is the one you make from your own sweat and struggles; don't be lazy; don't be a parasite wife.  Except someone is against your progress,  spicing on you day and night.  Then you have to pray for vengeance from God.

    8. Do not choose a man to marry without asking God to direct you. Do not involve in a serious relationship with a man when you have not asked God if he is the right person for you or not. Do not rely on a man for the rest of your life spending 5-9 years without a positive  answer.

    Some date with years without knowing the parents non brother of the dated party.

    9. Exhibit good characters, be approachable and friendly.  Character is the key to successful relationship,  character matte  a lot in your relationship.  5 Possible Signs of Immaturity in Marriages.   Obey and abides with all commands.

    10. Above all, fear God and be committed to Him.

    11.  Help your partner in terms of help,  support  stop running from one bed to another bed.  Are you not tired sleeping from bed to bedssss. Babe chill life is misery life is a sweet story to tell what we you inform your children.  What are the stories you have to tell?

    Relationship  is long journey everyone on these earth must face.  You must jamb like jamb score in your life.  Its  easy to start rather to end

    There are boyfriends around the world what so ever you called the name.  Billions of words and flesh parasites are all waiting for the available  flesh to consume. At you the One?

    Babe there a few ones called husband.  How can you get these husband.  Were is the husband located. Were can you find these husband.  These might be your questions   diffinately say no.  YOU ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTIONS IS 'GOD' and its blessings around you.

    Do you remember  that God gave you a manual every instructions and guides in these world is located in the manual. Do you care to  read the manual.  You run to church write down all the words from pastor mouth;  befotr pastor could say aahh you have written down eeehhh. Full book. Without reading.

    God Created you and gave you a manual,  have you followed the manual,  do you care to read the manual.  You boyfriends/girlfriends is not the manual. Your money,  property is not the manual.

    Your private parts,  your body sale all you can't get the rightful  information.  When you are deformed,  you are totally Deformed.

    The manual is the "Bible" Read me and follow my instructions.  You we prosper.  No barrierness shall before you. No cases shall fall against you.

    You don't care to read the bible all you care are rubbish of the word. Fuck, s£x,  romantic gesture,  flexing,   drinking and smoking alcoholic. Parting, Clubing, smoking, What we be your account on that day. Hardly to see a virgin.  Thank God for the inspirations and understanding to me I prayed for wisdom you downloaded it more abundantly  to me.  If I die now I we be the no. 1 happiest  person in grave yard.

    My article has impacted life's changes life help clashing relationship. Millions testify  to me on phone calls and private messages.  On my Facebook page,  on the street,  in The bus,  bankers,  workers read my articles thank. You etc.

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