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  • Is Not All About S*x, Here Are What You Need To Do When Your Girlfriend Visit

  • My Brother if you really want to build a strong relationship, then you have to learn how to teat a woman right. Some times is not all about s*x that matters in a relationship, got that, When your girl visits you. Buy her something so small and sweet (Chocolate and her favourite Snack) while sitting with her and talking, give her that package you bought. Tell her let's take some pictures, make Video and watch Some Movies. Post the pictures  immediately on your Facebook and Whatsapp and write 'special one in my life' Then look at her deep in her eyes, tell her you love her.
    Later on play some Music🎶, sing for her so terrible make her laugh. Hold her hands and Dance for her.

    Make her feel free to be around you.

     Then play  Ludo or WHOT  with her. What ever you'll be playing, Let her win. When she's winning Hold her and ask her who is the boss?
    I know she'll say you are the one. Then kiss her on the forehead. When she's about to leave, behave as if you want to cry (lolz)
    Let her have your Phone if she wants. Let her do anything with your phone or even take it home and return it the next day if she likes.
    When you accompany her talk with a sad voice "Babe I'll miss you"(make it sound romantic) Kiss her forehead more than twice. Hug her for one minute. It won't be easy for her to cheat on you. Bro, you can be very romantic without spending alot of money
    Brother if your lady visits, it doesn't have to be all about s*x. Girls  also need to spend some time with you. If you love her, then don't turn her to ordinary s*x object. If you always want to have s*x with her anytime she comes around you, you are indirectly call her a prostitute.
    I did this to my wife when we were dating and she change my name in her Phone to heart-beat( Please dont let her hear this gossip ooooo) Ehmmmm, and those men that are busy going into my wife's inbox to ask for her phone number, I am seeing your handwriting kwontinooo
    Ladies am I communicating?? Lol.... just follow my tips you will win her over again.

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